More law firms are looking to move to an agile way of working. How they become more agile means different things to different people, roles and practices. There is, however, one common theme. Agile firms have the ability to make changes fast.

In the new environment law firms can make better decisions more quickly, they can recruit people and grow while keeping their costs to a minimum, they can deliver the technical working environment to their staff when they need it. And all this happens when the mindset of a firm is switched on to collaboration, being outcome focussed and has a willingness to change

Law firm owners have a huge advantage in the marketplace by being agile and so do the employees. Flexible working times and places very often improve productivity and lead to a happier workforce.

The supply chain to a firm is also looking to help firms become more agile. Vendor suppliers should have a roadmap of the future to offer its clients. A firm does not want to be left with so-called ‘legacy technology’ which is cumbersome to upgrade, remove or adapt.

At Kutana, we’re sure that our new version of Kappris, our pioneering print management solution, is a great fit with the agile working agenda, making your way of working more flexible and efficient especially for home workers.

Agile working and adapting your workforce to work smoother and quicker is essential. Our Kappris Efficiency Tool can work out your total cost of ownership. Contact us now to find out more.

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