The Challenge

Nabarro is a leading international law firm which delivers the highest quality, business-focused advice to clients.

Their challenge to us was to improve the user experience of their employees – making their workplace faster, more agile and more efficient.

The firm wanted to increase their efficiency with a simple solution that allowed them to make better process decisions much more quickly, reducing the amount of waste printing in the process.

The Solution

We worked with Nabarro to carry out a detailed process audit, before the software was deployed successfully to the firm.

Our Kappris solution gave Nabarro staff the ability to work how they wanted, selecting the number of conversations that they would like to print as well as enabling the printing of attachments at the same time as emails.

We created a more agile work space, enabling administrators to easily define how and when lawyers worked, through a number of pre-selected, suggested or enforced rules to ensure that documents were printed in the correct manner, saving invaluable time and resources.

Processes were streamlined with the use of Kappris by standardising email threads and giving the user the ability to select the number of conversations that they would like to print.

The Output

Implementing Kappris has:

  • Created a faster, more efficient environment for employees
  • Reduced Nabarro’s printing costs by almost one third
  • Streamlined email processes – only relevant email threads are printed rather than the full conversation
  • Delivered real cost savings to the firm

“Kappris has really made our company more efficient, it has streamlined our processes, released valuable tine and delivered significant cost savings”.

– Andrew Powell, Director of IT