Agile working is proven to drive up productivity in law firms by allowing employees to work when, where and how they want.

Agile working is great, but it throws up printing issues that law firms need to consider such as home users can’t print from work systems to their own home printers …

Kappris help law firms like yours create an efficient tailored working environment to improve performance and we deliver genuine and significant reduction in costs.

Kappris is a simple software plug in that can transform the way your law firm works

  • enables you to securely print from your work system to your home printer
  • gives one common view linking multiple hardware set ups, wherever you are
  • can easily set up numerous bespoke client requirements cutting out manual processes and driving efficiency
  • drives efficiency through fewer clicks and intelligent print selection

“Kappris is a really valuable time saving tool, removing the frustration of a poor user experience for solicitors and secretaries alike. Kappris has definitely cut down the time we take to complete tasks.”

Martyn Wells, IT Director 

“We had heard that Kappris was an effective and market-leading print management product from our peers in the legal sector, which has really delivered”

David Bullock, Director of IT


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