An Introduction

Our software products – utilised by  the UK’s leading law firms – make print management easy for your law firm, reducing the amount you print and saving you money.

We allow you to control printing throughout your firm by creating and editing print macro rules for simple print management. This results in user restrictions for certain options depending on the document type and paper.


The flexibility and ease of editing simplifies the print process for users across the firm allowing you to prevent waste and ensure consistency. Our software works across all applications allowing different restrictions to be enforced depending on which application is being used.

When users print they will see the normal print view. This automatically configures itself to suit the type of document printed, in accordance with the rules or recommendations set out by the editor.

Our software is Citrix and Windows compatible and works in conjunction with cost recovery systems. The printer driver works across all applications and all printing devices giving it unrivalled flexibility.


The Microsoft Outlook print options allow the user to select parts of an email conversation, or the complete conversation, to print. Our print management software will automatically recognise how many email exchanges have taken place, and the user can then select the number of these they wish to print.

Users can also print attachments at the same time as emails. When you currently print an email conversation the most recent part appears at the top. Our software gives you the option to reverse this so it will appear at the end. This makes it easier to read and follow the conversation.

Effective and practical print management is key to any firm. We can simplify your print processes, giving you control over the way your staff print. The ability to influence email printing, often a firm’s most significant print output, will reduce paper and toner use resulting in print savings and environmental benefits.