Electronic Signatures

E-signatures are efficient, easy to use and have secure delegate signing

Sign and send your documents, correspondence and forms electronically from your desktop with unlimited usage and no unexpected bills.

Your electronic signature is accessed in Word, where you usually create your document. It’s possible for a secretary or partner to have delegate rights to sign on your behalf too. All signatures and access rights are strictly controlled by Central Management.

PDF forms are made easy with Kappris with a simple drag and drop of signatures, text boxes, and approval stamps. The Kappris PDF Viewer has enough functionality to reduce costs of third party PDF software applications.

How to get started?

We need to understand from you what your technology environment is.  We’ve made this as simple as possible with a survey document for you to complete. 

Once we have all of the information about your environment we can then plan the deployment and training of Kappris with you and your team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge per signature or envelope?

Unlike other providers we don’t charge on a usage basis.  You have unlimited usage included in your subscription for Kappris. 

Can I replace my third-party e-signature application (eg DocuSign or AdobeSign) with Kappris?

Kappris complements third-party software.  We don’t charge per ‘envelope’ so firms will use Kappris for the day to day e-signatures and the third-party application will be used for documents that need to have a returned signature or to be signed by multiple parties. 

Is there an audit trail of my signed document?

You will have a full audit trail of the name of your document, when it was signed, who signed it (even if it’s a delegate), who initiated the signing process and the workstation they worked at. 

Do you insert an image into our Word documents?

In short, “No!” We do not insert an image into the document until it becomes a “fixed format” document, such as PDF or XPS.  Until then Kappris’ sophisticated authorisation rules keep note of all signature and signatory details so they are applied securely, and at the right time 

Do I need to collect everybody’s signatures?

You don’t need to have every member’s signature as a drawn image.  For quick deployment cursive text is an alternative and is recognised as an industry standard for compliance as it’s backed up by the full audit trail.

What is the format of the signature?

Kappris has two ways to use your signature.  It will either be an image or cursive text.  Both formats of your signature are stored securely in a central database.

How does the Kappris licensing work?

We run a very simple cost per user per annum subscription model.  There may be some consultancy and set-up fees depending upon your requirements.  Contact us for more information.


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