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At Kutana, our philosophy is that you shouldn’t just accept the norm, but keep challenging for improvements.

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Our clients have enjoyed efficient development, deployment and support of our software since 1997. 

In that time we have grown through various technology innovations, changes in our clients’ environments and working practices.


You can be assured with our long experience of creating software integrations, working with IT departments on deployments and supplying software support contracts that deliver an almost immediate return on investment.

Roger Middlebrook, Founding Director, has built a long time-served team over that time who have a combined experience with Kutana of 58 years. We are delighted to introduce you to them.

Who We Are

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Roger Middlebrook

Roger Middlebrook

Technical Director

Roger is the original developer and architect of Kappris and leads the development and support teams. He has been immersed in software and hardware for the provision of legal services from the time he left Wang in 1988 to join Linklaters.

An expert in development and integration with Microsoft Office, he built KPrint, the first incarnation of Kappris, way back in 1994 and has had a love-hate relationship with printing and digital technology ever since.

He lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, Judy, three dogs and four grown-up children nearby with their families.

Rob Simcock

Rob Simcock


Rob’s passion is to make digital processes simple.  He has been in business for 30 years and a Director of Kutana for 10. 

In that time, he has developed two companies which specialise in the digital transformation of law firms. His clients include top 100 international law firms as well as SME legal practices around the UK.  

Rob’s expertise is in uncovering what really happens at the coalface in a law firm, whether it’s discovering a skills gap or where inefficient practices have been inherited. Rob says, “This particular aspect of my work is where I feel I make a real impact and where my clients find immediate value.”

Dave Saycell

Dave Saycell

Service Delivery Manager

Dave Saycell is the Service Delivery Manager for Kutana. He has been providing support and delivering projects at the highest level for over 30 years.

He has a strong background in software, printer drivers and the digital print process.

He is extremely efficient and diligent and brings a logical approach to every situation.

Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

Senior Developer

Brian has been programming printer drivers and printing applications since the late 1980s.

At Kutana he has a dual role as a developer and build engineer.

Adrian Leeming

Adrian Leeming


Adrian has been designing and developing software to enhance document production and application integration with an emphasis on the legal sector for 35 years. 

Usually trying to follow the tenet, “software should make life simpler for the end user”. 

He also has a teaching qualification and helps to teach children and adults for the St John Ambulance and Casualty Union charities.

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