Central Management

Secure data management of users,
access, signatures and approvals, and reporting

In any size of business managing users and their associated data can be a cumbersome task.

Kappris maintains your users’ data – their e-signature, approval processes, and any delegate permissions.
Your data is stored in an SQL Database accessible only by authorised users.

Adding new joiners and managing leavers is an easy process with the Kappris Central Management which has Active Directory integration.

Your printer configurations for your default settings for documents and your device settings are managed here.

Each Kappris action, whether a signature, an approval process or a print instruction, has an audit trail and can be reported on. This is accessed from Central Management.

How to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help with the initial set up and configuration of the system?

As part of your onboarding we will ask you for detailed information about your environment.  This will enable us to configure Kappris, set up users’ e-signatures and integrate printer devices and their print management settings.  We will, of course, give you training so that you can continue managing on your own, but you will always have support from us with your subscription.

How secure are my e-signatures?

Your data is stored in an SQL Database which is owned and managed by you.  Only your authorised users can access the data.  After installation and set-up, Kutana will not have any unauthorised access to data stored in the Kappris application or SQL Database unless it is granted by you. 

Is any of my data stored in the Cloud?

Kappris is not a cloud-hosted application and software is installed in our clients’ own IT environment. 

Is there an audit trail report of who signed a document?

The audit trail report is detailed and will also identify the device name of an individual’s computer. 

Can I manage the system myself?

The system is designed for you to control users and configurations yourself (as an administrator).  Of course, should you ever need any help, support is included in your subscription. 


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