An introduction

Is your law firm lagging behind the productivity pack?

Most business processes were originally designed from moving paper from one place to another. Nowadays, we still tend to print the paper that we need to move from one place to another. Kappris is here to help you print in a smart way – without paper – and often, without printers.

How can Kappris help your law firm?

  • Kappris is a simple software plugin that can transform the way your law firm works.
  • Enables you to securely print from your work system to your home printer
  • Gives you one common view linking multiple hardware setups, wherever you are

Smart workflow automation to digitise your office

An approval process that works in any application

iManage and DMS integration

Let’s face it, no business enjoys paying for administration and owners constantly strive to reduce the cost of business operations.

Kappris gives you smooth processes with just a click of a button, freeing up time and reducing the use and movement of paper.

How often is a form printed to get a signature for the paper copy to then be scanned back into a digital signature?

Kappris removes the need to print the form and the whole processes is expedited. The approval process works inside the applications that everyone is already using and doesn’t require any new software.

You will no longer have to trawl through files with lengthy unique identifier names for scanned documents.

Remove unfriendly file names from your DMS and make it easier to find your documents. Kappris forces documents to be stored in your DMS into a client matter workspace with a meaningful file name.

Easily set up numerous bespoke client requirement cutting out manual processes

Drive efficiency through fewer clicks and intelligent print selection

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