Save time, reduce paper and secure your business

It has become more apparent with mobile and remote working that electronic approval systems are not just useful but vital to ensure secure operation of your business.

A simply-designed approval process can operate within your Microsoft Office environment and can protect you from phishing and other scams.

Processing invoices and conflict forms is now secure and efficient for home and office workers.

An invoice arrives, it must be sent to the cash office to be posted on the ledger, and payment must be authorised by multiple signatories.


A Kappris workflow will stamp and sign the invoice by the first signatory and the document will then be sent onward to the second signatory for signing.

At any point additional information can be added into the document.  A full audit trail of the authorised signatories is created.

The cash office can release funds safely in the knowledge that correct authority is given.

How to get started?

We need to understand from you what your technology environment is.  We’ve made this as simple as possible with a survey document for you to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create our own ‘stamps’ for the digital workflow?

You can create an unlimited number of stamps to suit the tasks that are in operation in your business.  One stamp that is frequently used by our clients shows authorisation for claiming expenses or releasing funds for a client.

Can we create our own workflow?

Kappris is a facility which can be configured to suit desired workflows.  We will want to discuss your ideas and plans with you so that we can best configure Kappris.


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