Kappris – Ease of Implementation


Kappris is installed from MSI and installation will take less than 1 minute per workstation or terminal server. Installation must run with permission to install/remove printer drivers.

Kappris installation can be scripted or otherwise set up for automatic installation. All software we develop is signed with Kutana’s code signing certificate so you know it’s genuine.


Once installed on a single physical or virtual machine, Kappris needs to be told how it is to work in your environment. Provided you know how your company wants users to print, Kappris setup is simple and can take less than 1 hour.

Once configured for one machine, any other machines can use the same configuration as the first, provided the configuration is in a shared folder somewhere. Typically, a trained Kappris administrator can set up all printers and all printing options for a whole enterprise in about ½ day. The time is usually taken in identifying what needs to be set up, not the actual customisation.


Office Integration

The majority of Kappris users originally used print macros in Word to achieve some of the features offered by Kappris. For the most part our users no longer require any print macros and can now extend what were previously “Word-only” functions to Excel, Outlook; even Adobe Reader, Notepad and their accounting systems.

Sometimes, however, there are those convoluted ways of printing that have traditionally manipulated the document before or even during document printing. Kappris offers macro functionality and an API for developers that will allow Kappris to execute even the most complicated of operations during the printing process.