Electronic signatures in law firms are now lawful across most of the world and for most legal agreements.

The shift from paper signatures to electronic signatures has heralded a change in the legal industry as it constantly evolves and modernises to keep up with changing technologies and demands. Electronic signatures (or eSignatures, e-signatures) offer numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, accessibility, and security. However, there is still a common misconception that electronic signatures are not as professional or secure as traditional signatures. Law firms have faced this dilemma when it comes to sending out letters and other legal documents. The traditional methods of either not signing the document or manually inserting an image of the signature are not only unprofessional but also present security risks and difficulties in managing multiple signatures.

Electronic signatures are a secure solution for law firms

The solution to this problem is the use of e-signatures for legal documents that provide Power BI reporting and audits. One such platform is Kutana+Brochet, which helps law firms to store user signatures in an admin-controlled database. With Kutana+Brochet, law firms can use cursive text straight out of the box, which offers a professional and secure solution. The platform also provides full reporting on who signed what, on behalf of whom, and when. This helps law firms to keep track of all their legal documents and ensures that all signatures are valid and secure.

What is an electronic signature?

The term Electronic Signature is generally used when talking about an image of your own signature and a Digital Signature is when a digital certificate has been added to a document. Read here to find out more about the differences, and the advantages and disadvantages of electronic signatures and digital signatures.

Benefits of using electronic signatures

One of the key benefits of using e-signatures is the increased efficiency that they offer. With electronic signatures, law firms no longer have to waste time and money printing, scanning, and mailing documents. Instead, they can sign and send legal documents electronically, which saves time and money and helps to streamline the process. In addition, e-signatures offer accessibility and convenience, as they can be signed from anywhere and at any time. This is especially beneficial for law firms with remote employees, as they can sign and send legal documents without having to physically be in the office.

Another advantage of using e-signatures is the enhanced security they offer. Traditional methods of manually inserting an image of a signature are not secure and present a risk of fraud. With e-signatures, law firms can ensure the security and validity of their legal documents by using secure electronic signatures. In addition, the platform’s reporting features help to keep track of who signed what and when which can help to detect any fraudulent activity.

Electronic signature functionality from Kutana+Brochet

The key features of the Kutana+Brochet electronic signature functionality are:

  • Users have the ability to sign and send their documents, correspondence, and forms electronically from their desktops with unlimited usage and no unexpected bills. A full audit trail is provided, along with a Power BI dashboard, to make compliance management simple.
  • E-signatures can be used with common applications such as Microsoft Word or PDF, without the need for new software platforms or document uploads into a portal. The user-friendly interface follows the flow of work, making it intuitive to use.
  • Signature images can be accessed directly within Word, and delegate rights for a secretary or partner to sign on behalf of the user can also be granted. Access rights and signatures are controlled through Central Management.
  • Working with PDFs is easy, as signatures, text boxes, witnesses, and approval stamps can be added with a simple drag and drop. The PDF Viewer has sufficient functionality to eliminate the need for third-party PDF software applications, reducing costs.
  • The use of e-signatures helps to keep legal documents organised and easy to manage. With Kutana+Brochet, law firms can store all their signatures in a single, central database, which makes it easy to access and manage. This helps to reduce the risk of losing important legal documents and makes it easier for law firms to keep track of all their legal documents.

How can we help you with your electronic signatures?

The use of electronic signatures for legal documents that provide Power BI reporting and audits is a solution to the problems faced by law firms. By using electronic signatures, law firms can save time, and money, and improve the efficiency, accessibility, and security of their legal documents. With platforms like Kutana+Brochet, law firms can take advantage of the benefits of electronic signatures and ensure that their legal documents are professional, secure, and easy to manage. Read more about our electronic signature functionality here and get in touch with us to find out more.