We were happy with our Nokia 6210’s but then you only know what you know

We were happy with our Nokia 6210’s but then you only know what you know

One of the biggest problems with “knowing” something, is that you probably don’t know any better.

In business, the most common question decision makers should ask is “how do I know this is the best way of doing things?” Chances are the answer to that question is you don’t actually know, or you do it that way because it worked the first time so you just kept doing it. The problem is that people are creatures of habit and too often don’t ask why things can’t be better or different.

Remember when we just knew the Earth was flat? This can be a crippling mind-set for businesses to develop. The most obvious example of this is the rapid development of mobile phone technology. When Nokia introduced the 6210 no-one questioned its effectiveness. It made calls, you could send texts, and there were very little problems. You don’t see that phone around anymore.

The reason for that is that new, innovative technology forced users to start to ask questions like “why can’t the phone do this” and “why doesn’t the phone do that”.

At the time, companies like Apple seemed radical in their innovation but were also quick to listen to users and all of a sudden you had new phones that could do all the same things as the older models, but they could also do a million other. Now you can do almost everything in your day from your phone, and Apple aren’t the only company spending money improving them. things that had never even occurred to you. And it all came about because users had their eyes opened to new technology that they may not have previously imagined and – alongside a few attentive developers – started to ask questions.

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